Text 17 Oct Day 1 of 9

Morning weigh-in: 137.4 lbs (7.4 lbs to reach goal.

Its been so long going without a cheat meal or having wine so for 9 days (until I go on a long weekend trip) I am dedicated to Strict Paleo (butter and whey protein powder ok) and Bulletproof Intermittent fasting. I want to gain control over my eating habits and stay disciplined in not giving into every temptation.

9 am: Bulletproof Coffee (2 tbsp grassfed butter & 1 tbsp coconut oil)

7:15-8pm: only meal for today
2 Grassfed burger patties, 1 avocado, 1 cup bone broth, sauerkraut, cucumber, red pepper. Water with apple cider vinegar. 8 oz Kombucha.

I felt so bloated today and just emotionally down so I used today as a rest day and will get to the gym tomorrow.

Plan for tomorrow…
11am trail walk
12pm fasted workout
2-8pm eating window, 2 meals

Text 17 Oct Creating new Habits

I am not well rested, my mind is unfocused and my stomach feels gross after a night of overeating and too much wine.  Although the food was all Paleo, I went way overboard once the wine bottle opened.  Now, I feel yucky and don’t even want to workout today.  I think I’ll take the day off and get back at it tomorrow.  I know I’ve got to break the habit, my wine ritual.  Because it is hardly ever just one glass, more like one bottle.  This is unhealthy and if I’m doing all I can to clean up my diet and focus on my training and mental toughness then I’m really backtracking by holding tightly to my desire to keep drinking. 

Retreat form all low energy substances…if you really want to go to the places that you are destined to go to you have to retreat from all substances that weaken you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Tonight I will start a new evening ritual to replace the drinking… I will conclude my day with yoga, then a cup of tea while I read and snuggle with my puppy.

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